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The Perfect Jeans for Every Body Type. Jag Jeans

by Ellen DuBois on 02/15/17

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I love Jag Jeans. I say this after countless attempts at trying to find jeans that not only looked good, but FELT good. When your clothes fit right, they feel great. When your clothes feel great, you're more confident and you naturally look better. I believe it's as simple as that. However, as many of you know, finding jeans that flatter your figure, (and don't create the dreaded muffin top), is no easy task.

I've tried on jeans in stores and I've tried ordering them online. Some have worked out okay while others have been miserable fails.

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Then I discovered Jag Jeans. Wow. Talk about hitting the jean jackpot! From their pull on jeans, (very chic, not the elasticized "granny" looking jeans you might be thinking of), and zip ups, leggings and trousers, Jag hit the mark for women of all shapes and sizes with their amazing line of jeans, pants, crops, capris, skirts & more...

I prefer high waisted jeans, but they need to fit and look right. That's just me, and you have your choice of where the waistline falls.

My advice: If you're tired of buying jeans only to wear them once, twice, or never at all, get yourself a pair of Jag Jeans. Take a look at the wide variety of styles, cuts, sizes and colors. Look at their sizing chart and get ready to be amazed...and look & feel great!


About Jag Jeans: "Jags Jeans is a group of "designing women" who live life just like you, who know exactly how you feel when trying on jeans. At Jag Jeans fit and comfort always come first. Jag Jeans field tests their jeans whether it is dropping the kids off at school, running off to work, or relaxing with friends. Jag was launched in September 2003 to address something lacking in the market - high quality denim, contemporary styling, and a fit designed for every woman's shape without ever being boring. Jag Jeans started with the best fitting, most flattering jean styles and in the years since, the Jag collection has grown to include fashion perfect for every season and every climate."- Jag Jeans

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Free Shipping on all orders! Shop Jag Jeans now!

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