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Clothes MADE for YOU! Really! Size 0-36W

by Ellen DuBois on 04/06/17

"What makes us unique among women's clothing companies is that we make clothes to our customers' height, size and style preferences at an affordable price and deliver in 10-14 days."-- eShakti

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If I could totally revamp my wardrobe, I think I'd shop at eShakti. Why? The styles fit and flatter any woman's body type. The clothing is designed for you so everything you buy is made for your body type, size and shape. Imagine a women's fashion store that caters to the individual needs of every woman to ensure she looks and feels her best. Wow! That's what eShakti is all about...YOU!

"It is not enough that clothes look good on mannequins. They need to look good on you - this is our philosophy. We make clothes just for you, not to just fit well, but also to have the neckline, sleeve and length work for you. We also make every garment to your exact height. At eShakti, you can, of course, also buy clothes as shown in the standard sizes from 0-36W - or you can have them customized to your specific size with your selection of neckline, sleeve and length. It is your choice and it is easy, fast and affordable."

"We like to think of eShakti as liberation from the size tag. eShakti is about empowerment. (Shakti in Sanskrit means power.)"

How awesome is that?

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